Trademark & Copyright Verification


Top Indian Detective Agency (TIDA) is specialized in providing trademark & copyright infringement investigation. We have expert investigation officers who have wide experience of dealing in trademark & copyright infringement and they know how to operate the things in terms of intellectual property. Generally trademark infringement takes place when any organization use same product, services symbol, logo which is already registered by another company. Our detective specialist are highly expert of legal and they have the capability of filing lawsuit on fake organization and compel them to pay financial penalties and compensation

Our trademark & copyright infringement investigator is filled with great legal expertise to identify violation of trademark such as symbol, services, product, logo etc. They know which things can be used legally and which is not permissible. This investigation is totally based on legal issues so there is a need of expert legal advisors and TIDA has a special group who look after all the complicated cases of trademark & copyright infringement.

Trademarks can be used long term but it should be taken care continuously. Due to lack of consistent maintenance it can be possible that your trademark can be used falsely by other organization which is not good for you at all. Generally a trademark can be forfeiture when it is not used 3 to 5 years, so it is advised that to maintain the trademark so that you don’t have to face unethically violation of your trademark uses.

Top Indian Detective Agency has maintained the standards of trademark & copyright infringement investigation. We work with deep knowledge and consistent efforts to make your client happy. We are having great legal advisors who are perfect in handling complicated cases. We strive to work for our client 24/7 and give them positive results.



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