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Detective Agency in Delhi, India

Top Indian Detective Agency – One of the most reputed Detective Agency in Delhi – India was established in 2006 ., offers best deals on Private investigations, Corporate Investigations, Pre & Post Matrimonial Investigation, Spousal investigation, Fiance investigation, business investigation, background check or missing person investigation services in all over India and abroad.
Top Indian Detective Agency in Delhi as professionals who deliver on time with complete confidentiality and secrecy maintained. The most trusted and reliable in private detective agency in Delhi, a private detective agency in south Delhi, the private detective agency in north Delhi and west Delhi is Top Indian Detective Agency. We have a dedicated team of trained detective or Investigation professionals. Our aim is to deliver 100% fruitful result for any of your investigation needs. Our best private detective & investigation agency in Delhi caters to both personal and corporate investigation and helps them unearth information hidden by providing crucial evidences.

Private Detective Services in Delhi (India)

Top Indian Detective Agency is one of the leading private detective agency in Delhi expertise in handling all kind of personal detective, corporate detective and matrimonial detective services to solve your problems.

Pre Matrimonial Investigations

We at Top Indian Detective Agency are here to provide the hassle free Pre Matrimonial Investigation and we always have a motto to provide excellent investigation services because we are known as the outstanding Private Detective Agency in Delhi India…

Post Matrimonial Investigations

TIDA is the foremost private detective agency which delivers fantastic post matrimonial investigation services. If you find that that your spouse is behaving abnormal and he/she is not giving you much time then it will lead to you in…

Loyalty Test Investigations

Life is very uncertain and you never know that your partner whom you love the most can ditch you. We know that it is not easy to maintain fruitful relationships because sometime priorities become different for every individual. If you feel that your…

Divorce Cases Investigations

Top Indian Detective Agency has been named most credible name in post matrimonial cases like divorce case investigation which becomes a painful case. When two married couples don’t want to live with each other and they want to…

Extramarital Affairs

TIDA team is well trained and expert to investigate the person who is disloyal to his/her spouse. We handle multiple queries like ex-wife, ex-husband, girlfriend etc. To check the loyalty of your partner you can hire TIDA because we work like…

Litigation Support

Top Indian Detective Agency is a prominent private detective agency in Delhi, India has been mastered in delivering outstanding results in litigation support services. As we are premiere organization in detective services we understand the…

Undercover Operations

Top Indian Detective Agency is a prominent private detective agency in Delhi, India has been mastered in delivering outstanding results in litigation support services. As we are premiere organization in detective services we understand the…

Surveillance Detectives

Surveillance investigation has been crucial these days because we have analyze that there are so many cases comes to us about forgery and fraudulent. To be in a safe hand you should verify the information which is being provided to you by your employee…

Background Check

Top Indian Detective Agency is always ready to investigate critical cases like background check investigation. We know that marriage is the most important decision of life and in that case you should be more attentive, and make sure that the person…

Pre Employment Verifications

Top Indian Detective Agency being a Pre-Employment Verification investigating unit in Delhi, India can provide employment screening services which give concise investigative reviews that briefs up the present day information about a candidate…

Post Employment Verifications

At TIDA offers Post-Employment screening or investigation permits personnel to quantify the hazard to which they’re uncovered, and then to manipulate that danger. Regular credit exams, unexpected judgments, and crook convictions – these are all…

Asset Verification

Top Indian Detective Agency has managed to achieve par excellence throughout its successful investigation projects completion. We are notable private detective agency which has been excelled in delivering the fantabulous asset verification procedure…

Missing Persons Investigations

Top Indian Detective Agency is prominent body of private investigation services in Delhi India. Our team is diligent and has the strength to take up any challenges. If defaulter is out of city then we don’t hesitate to investigate about defaulter…

Employee Theft

Employee theft is probably one of the common problems faced by all kind of industries and organizations. It becomes headache for every organization to tackle with employee theft because it is not easy to identify a particular employee who is responsible…

Business Interference

We at Top Indian Detective Agency have been filled with the talented and superlative group of legal advisors who are well experienced to deal with these types of complicated cases. When someone tries to interfere with your business and influence…

Risk Analysis

Top Indian Detective Agency (TIDA) has earned reputation among the detective fraternity because we are certainly the most reputable private detective agency in Delhi and across all India and we assure you that we have the proficient team that can…

Due Diligence Investigation

To start a business relationship it becomes very compulsory to get the real information so that the business would go to the next level that’s what we call due diligence investigation. TIDA premier detective services in Delhi India which provides you…

Trademark & Copyright

Our trademark & copyright infringement investigator is filled with great legal expertise to identify violation of trademark such as symbol, services, product, logo etc. They know which things can be used legally and which is not permissible…

Private Detective In Delhi (India)

Top Indian Detective agency in Delhi is not only established its excellent private detective in Delhi, India but it has successfully achieved the recognition across the border in Nepal, United Kingdom (UK), United States, UAE, Malaysia and all over the world.

Personal Detective Services

Top Indian Detective Agency is profoundly the excellent personal and private detective services in Delhi India. We are living in a society where we want to live in peace but we have seen that there so many ridiculous and fake people around us. There can be some person who can be suspicious and dangerous to us. In our personal life we are having so many problems in our life and sometime it becomes very tedious to tackle with it. We are leading personal detective services in Delhi NCR India. We provide all types of personal detective services such as pre matrimonial investigation, post matrimonial investigation, loyalty test investigation, Divorce case investigation, Background check investigation, Surveillance detectives, still photo and videography, litigation support services and undercover operation.

We are filled with world class experienced and knowledgeable team with tech savvy atmosphere in which we adopt various advanced technical equipments to make our evidence concrete. We provide our investigation services in Delhi India and across the world including USA, United Kingdom (UK), Malaysia, Singapore etc. So if you need perfect assistance in any of these above mentioned services then make a call us and we will be there for you 24/7

Matrimonial Detective Services

Marriage is one of the important phases of life and getting married is like an integral part of society. Nowadays we have heard about that there have been forgery and fraudulent in marriages. So it becomes very important to investigate the truth about your prospected partner. People are taking the help of matrimonial website and consultants to find the match, but do you really think that the data and information which is available on their platform is appropriate and authentic? There is no surety about the correct information about your future partner, Hence Top Indian Detective Agency acquire the goodwill of reliable matrimonial Detective agency in Delhi. We douche very possible nuances of the projected person and verify the details which have been provided to our client, and if it is verified successfully then one can take decision to move forward. Therefore it is very important to hire a matrimonial detective agency to inquire about the real status of your future life partner.

We are devotedly working in our detective agency and we have been encouraged by our esteemed clients. We are specialized in delivering finest Matrimonial Investigation services in Delhi NCR and India. By taking our matrimonial investigation services we assure our client that they would get the clearance of their doubts in mind and after that they will be able to take right decision to get married and live peacefully.

Top Indian Detective Agency is a comprehensive private detective services in Delhi, matrimonial detectives in Delhi, corporate detective services in Delhi India. We are headquartered at Delhi but our detective services are available on Delhi NCR and across all India. Don’t hesitate to call us for finest investigation services at any time 24/7.

Corporate Detective Services

Living in corporate world and competing with ruthless situations are quite exhausting. Not just exhausting but it also drives lots of responsibilities, pressure and complicated phase in our life. Sometime it becomes very difficult to be in competition. Corporate world needs some attention and precautions so that the business could run smoothly. There are so many corporate challenges which need to be tackled when you are running a business. So there is a need of professional investigator who can look after all the hurdles comes between the businesses. Top Indian Detective Agency has topped in solving corporate problems through its fantastic corporate investigation services in Delhi India.

As a corporate detective agency we provide all types of corporate investigation services such as Pre employment verifications, Post Employment verifications, Due Diligence Verification, Employee theft, Missing persons Investigations, business Interference, Risk analysis, Trademark and copyright verification, Asset Verification etc. With the excellent customer oriented services we have helped so many organization to become a trouble free entity because our investigation process is scientific, authentic and credible among all the detectives

Cyber Law / Crime Detective Services

Top Indian Detective Agency is India’s best and foremost agency in Delhi, We specializes in all kind of cyber crime cases investigation such as Determination and generation of fake IDS to harm a reputation, Email / website hacking or email surveillance, Frauds in electronic money transfer, Threatening Email, IRC Crime, Any other case involving a crime through computer, Any sort of fake Id made to harm a person reputation, cyber security threats, frauds in electronic money transfers, email frauds, electronic financial frauds etc. We undertake investigation in all cases pertaining to the cyber law / crime. Top Indian Detective Agency as professionals who deliver on time with complete secrecy maintained. we have a dedicated team of trained cyber crime private detective. The most trusted and reliable in cybercrime investigation agency in Delhi is Top Indian Detective Agency.

Cheating Spouse, Adultery and Infidelity Detective Services

Our Detective Agency in Delhi, India team is well trained and expert to investigate the person who is disloyal to his/her spouse. We handle multiple queries like ex-wife, ex-husband, girlfriend etc. To check the loyalty of your partner, Cheating Spouse, Adultery and Infidelity you can hire Top Indian Detective Agency in Delhi, India because we work like a perfect team who knows the nuances of such types of cases. It will help you to know the real fact about your partner ignorance.

Obtaining Proof & Evidence Services

We specialize in providing Obtaining Proof & Evidence services in Delhi. You Can Hire our private detectives in Delhi because we have largest number of highly skilled private detectives operating in Delhi & all metro cities in India, Already helped thousands of people by successful execution of their cases. Our Main objective to Solve Your personal and business problem as soon as possible with 100% privacy of the client. The most trusted and reliable in Private Detective Agency in Delhi have all kind of high technology that are essential to Obtaining Proof and Evidence. Obtaining Proof & Evidence by professional private detective in Delhi at Top Indian Detective Agency, We offer the following services proofs of income / financial status, Medical Profiles, Proofs of Employment, Proofs of Properties / Assets, Proofs of Infidelity, Adultery, Cheating Spouse etc. We are providing affordable Detective Service in Delhi and record of providing required shreds of evidence in target time.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

    We guarantee you 100% satisfaction with assured secrecy. Our investigation ranges from Personal & corporate Investigation to most of other services. Top Indian Detective Agency is committed to serving you and your clients. My staff and I are determined to provide you with professional, reliable results with GUARANTEE OF 100% CONFIDENTAILY.

  • Privacy Assured

    Top Indian Detective Agency assures 100% privacy of client and its credential. We work under the shadow of customer’s trust. Our private detective have is known for trustworthiness. Large base of loyal and satisfied customers make us lead in private investigation India.

  • Our Network

    Top Indian detective agency is a PAN India company. Top Indian Detective Agency is able to cover every nook and corner of India and major countries. We have our network all over the country and overseas.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Top Indian Detective Agency is to offer top and best private investigation services with a commitment to quality service that is in the best interest of each client and with the goal of the best possible result in every client’s case.


Top Indian Detective Agency is known for employing some most experienced and educated investigators in the area. We have 20 years of experience working both personal and corporate detectives cases and we understand what its takes to get the results you need.


We support strategic and tactical corporate responses to the challenges opportunities posed by globalisation & technology.

Why You Should Hire a Private Detective ?

Living a smooth life is not easy because there are several obstructions which make your life hell and it is not constrained to personal life only but it impacts badly on your professional life. Thousands of doubts and inconsistency revolve in your mind but when you are not getting any solution then it is important to clear all the doubt on your mind. To make your mind doubt free you are required to contact Top Indian Detective Agency, its professional private detective agency in Delhi and wherever you need. Our society is filled with reckless disturbing elements which includes fraud, cheaters and uncivilized people who are always engaged in making trouble in others life. Therefore to prevent you from these people it is high time to take the help of investigation agencies.

The importance of detective service is crucial because if you are going through trouble in your personal life then it is the best option and it is not only for personal cause but investigation services is implemented to solve corporate frauds and discrepancy. Imagine if you are getting married but you don’t know very much about your future life partner they you won’t go further in any decision.  So the best idea is to cross check all the details of your spouse with the help of private investigation agency. Even if you are married and feel that your partner is cheating on you then you can take loyalty test investigation or extramarital affair investigation.

If we talk about professional aspect then we need to know that running a business is never as easy as it looks like.  As a businessman you should be attentive and clear about rules and regulations in your organization. It might be possible that one of your employees is ditching you and sending confidential details to your rival company which can result out huge loss in the business. There is several corporate investigation services which can be performed to detect the person involved in creating troubles for your organization. Professional investigation service is certainly a boon for any individual and organization because you can get real and accurate information about suspect person and implement it according to your conscience. It becomes easy for you to identify the real cause of inconsistency in life and business both.

The Top Indian Detective Agency offers varied services may it be a corporate investigation, pre matrimonial investigation, post matrimonial investigation, Adultery / Infidelity / Divorce Investigations, fiance investigation, missing person investigation. We are one of the best and reliable private detective agency in Delhi, private detectives in North Delhi, private detectives in West Delhi, East Delhi & South Delhi also offering personal investigation with regards to the salary, qualification, family background, criminal records, bank status, etc.

Private Investigation & Detective Agency in Delhi, India

Top Indian Detective Agency – Best Private Detective Agency in India

Top Indian Detective Agency is completely a splendid detective agency in Delhi, India. We are accredited as the most demandable investigation services because we are very well aware of the situation of individuals who are going through with high stressful life. But we are doing magnificent job as a private detectives in Delhi as we have expertise to manage matrimonial investigations through the most admired detective agents of India. We do our investigation in a structured way in which we assure that we will deliver solid proof so that the case gets strength in court proceedings. We handle every type of personal, corporate and matrimonial investigation services which includes pre matrimonial verification, post matrimonial investigation, divorce case investigation, child custody investigation, surveillance investigation etc. We strive to dig out facts out of evidences which can be big help for our client to be submitted in court for firm legal fight. So in that if you need our assistance then don’t think top much and make an appointment with us, we assure you to provide world class investigation with a specific timeframe.

Trust Our High-Quality Investigation Services

While there are a number of private detective agency in Delhi, Our investigative team is extremely proud of their professional reputation, high knowledge, and private detective services in Delhi, provided to their clients.

Our detective agency in Delhi stands above the rest because we offer:

  • 99% success rate solving cases
  • 100% confidential
  • Affordable fees
  • Free consultation
  • Expert surveillance agents

Top Indian Detective Agency is ready to handle any case, anytime and anywhere. please give us a call at (+91) 9650490455 today!

When you call Top Indian Detective Agency in Delhi you will never reach an answering machine. That is our promise. Our phones are always open. We will always have someone ready to assist you. We want to be a part of your team. We have made sure every one of our clients knows they can trust us to answer all of their legal and detective services needs, day or night.

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What People Say About Our Private Detective Agency in Delhi, India

Top Indian Detective Agency did an excellent job on my case. They are very professional and keep you informed in a timely manner on the progress of the case. I would highly recommend this private detective agency to anyone needing quality investigators.

Mr. Pankaj ChoudhryIndia

Top Indian Detective Agency was an excellent company to do business with. They are very professional and keep you informed during the investigation. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a quality private detective agency.

Rajesh SinghIndia

Although I never expected to require the services of a private detective agency, I found myself in just such a situation. Top Indian Detective Agency came through for me! He quickly, discretely, and efficiently collected the evidence I needed to support my divorce case. I can’t recommend Top Indian Detective Agency highly enough!

Mr. Rohit KumarIndia

Top Indian Detective Agency in Delhi works very professionally in all over India and worldwide. Top Indian Detective Agency in Delhi are expertise in private investigation services like pre and post marital investigation services, employment investigations, extra marital affairs, child custody evidences, divorce cases, missing person investigations and other type of services. I have taken a pre matrimonial investigation with this company as a HR and I found very good professional investigation services from this company. He is the best private detective agency in Delhi. I am sincerely thankful to them.

Mr. Ravi ShankerNew Delhi, India

Top Indian Detective Agency Network is best detectives agency in India, I have used  investigation services of this agency for Pre Matrimonial and they had provide me 100% correct all information. If you are searching best detective agency in Delhi then you should always choose Top Indian Detective Agency because they are best in this field.

Mr. Rakesh BansalNew Delhi, India
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