risk analysis


As an organization it is important to predetermine the probable risk and apply best possible investigation method to make a plan to tackle with it and this is what we call risk analysis. By implementing risk analysis, organizations get comfortable to safeguard from upcoming risks through information security devices. Top Indian Detective Agency (TIDA) has earned reputation among the detective fraternity because we are certainly the most reputable private detective agency in Delhi and across all India and we assure you that we have the proficient team that can easily handle risk analysis.

Organizations have generally equipped electronic and physical devices for security purpose in order to get transparency and quality in production. There are examples like biometric machine that calculate in and out time of employee, server room, bespoke communications device. However it is founded that there is a need of more safety because these safety features can be doctored and manipulated. Top Indian Detective Agency (TIDA) investigates accurately and audits the possible threats of organization’s systems and functions.

Top Indian Detective Agency (TIDA) manages to formulate a well-structured strategic security analysis to measure the possible harm of your organization. We deeply evaluate each and every area of your business and analyze in what way it is interconnected with other section of business. We focus in information flow and communication with employee and person associated with particular departments. After that we summarize all the reports which contain every area which needs to be improved. We suggest suitable steps which can be implemented to make organization more secure and trouble-free.



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