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While we hire investigation agency make sure that they will provide Surveillance Investigation because nowadays it is the best way to get genuine evidences and investigation for cases. Private detective agencies in Delhi are India using this investigation in order to formulate their investigation in right direction. With the help of surveillance investigation it is easy to record every movements and work done by target person. It is probably the suitable and solid method to carry out accurate information about physical presence of target person. TIDA (Top Indian Detective Agency) is an effective investigation service in Delhi India.

Surveillance investigation has been crucial these days because we have analyze that there are so many cases comes to us about forgery and fraudulent. To be in a safe hand you should verify the information which is being provided to you by your employee or any person who wants to associate with you. TIDA (Top Indian Detective Agency) is not just a steadfast detective agency in Delhi India but it has also received positive appreciation and recommendation because of its intense commitment for its clients. Our investigation team is profoundly strong and expert to provide the best investigation services in town.

We Formulate Surveillance Investigation With Few Important Strategies:

  • Setting up advanced surveillance to investigate the physical action of target person
  • Background check of suspect personal meetings, phone records, business meetings etc. to check the intention of target person
  • Applying GPS tracker to track the location of target person
  • Gather evidence with the help of surveillance investigation with verified sources and handover to the client.

To get the premium investigation services in Delhi India TIDA is probably the foremost detective organization with world class detective agents in India and across the world.



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